bunion splint

PodiMe Bunion Splint

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• Adjustable for comfort & support
• Assists with bunion discomfort
• Comfortable to use and can be used on left or right foot
• Helps with reduce interdigital friction

1 pcs per pack

What does a bunion Splint do?

A bunion splint may help alleviate pain and pressure in your feet and prevent further complications such as further pain and surgery.

When should you wear a PodiMe bunion splint?
PodiMe Bunion Splints should be worm at night since they can't be worn with shoes. You should find that the alignment from the PodiMe Bunion Splint feels nice.

How long do you keep a PodiMe Bunion Splint on for?

You can wear a PodiMe Bunion Splint as often as you want but we recommend wearing it for at least one week. PodiMe Bunion splints are often recommended after having bunion surgery as well, as they help keep the toes aligned and prevent the big toe from moving in the wrong direction again.

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I love to go walking but I was going less and less because of bad knees. My podiatrist recommended these and the relief was pretty much instant! I’m doing a 20k trail this weekend, can’t wait! Highly recommend


As a waitress I’m on the go for hours on end and by the end of my shift my feet are always killing me. Other insoles just didn’t help so I tried this one and it was so worth the money! Would 100% recommend


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