Top Reasons Why People need Medical Insoles 

Here are some reasons why you may need a medical insole (orthotic) and some handy tips for choosing the right one.

Foot Rolling Outwards (Supination)

Supination, also called under pronation, is the outward rolling of the feet due to shifting weight towards the edges of your feet. This inappropriate arching often causes discomfort as the foot should curve only to a certain degree. Using medicated foot support helps align and stabilize your foot, hence treating this condition.

Intensive activities

Many recreational and professional runners and walkers may suffer from foot pains, including shin splints. To address the pain resulting from these activities, you need a footbed with arch support.

Foot Rolling Inwards (Over-Pronation)

When your foot rolls overly inwards as you walk, this can be a problem. 99% of people have some kind of foot disorder; however, excessive forms cause pain when walking. A footbed or orthotic support can help re-position the foot.


Burning and Numb Toes

Burning or numbness of the toes and sharp pain in the ball of your feet, also known as Morton's Neuroma, occurs due to a stressed nerve in your foot. To treat this condition, get a padded footbed for your shoes alongside padding on the forefoot area to soothe the affected nerve.

Prolonged Standing
If you spend long intervals of time on your feet either walking or working then you may probably be familiar with foot pain. Normalize using a padded footbed to ease the pressure on your feet.


Painful Heel

Plantar fasciitis is the technical term for the sharp pain caused by thick heel tissue from the toes to the heel of the foot. Arch pain and plantar fasciitis are some of the most common types of foot pain. Cushioning this region will help soothe the pain.

Painful Ball of Foot

If you experience pain in your Ball-of-Foot, it is impossible to walk. A metatarsal pad and top-coat cushioning can help treat this condition. For the best results, we recommend cushioned rigid and semi-rigid arch supports for advanced foot support.


Inflamation of the Heel

Inflammation of the heel, also known as heel spurs, can be very painful. It results from poorly fitting shoes and sometimes stresses. A footbed with sufficient padding and cushioning at the heel helps alleviate the pain and treat this condition.

Swollen or Unproportional Toes

For pains associated with foot disorders like unproportional sizes of your toes, you need a footbed designed to prevent flexing of the toes. To end this irritation, check out some available stiff insoles that align with your current insoles.

Diabetes & Arthritis

Diabetes and arthritis patients often suffer from several foot-related pains. Insoles with padding and sufficient cushioning help ease the pain and offer support.