Toe Protection

Are you tired of hiding your toes, not wearing your favorite open shoes, or having sore toes even in your most comfortable pair of sneakers? Here is the solution you’re looking for.

Open End Fabric Toe Protectors

Friction can cause blisters, corns, or worse, toe trauma. Not addressing consistent friction between your toes can worsen the situation by inflicting pain. It potentially causes the skin to wear out on its own. Toe protectors have a soft and flexible open-toe end, a lining made of elastic material, or silicon at the end.  They have been specifically made to protect the toe from outward pressure.


Closed End Gel Material Toe Protectors – For Big Toes

Gel pad toe protectors are made with highly elastic gel which is very comfortable and can be worn easily. Simple design which let it easy to use and fits easily in most shoes (like Hiking Shoes, Sports Shoes and Walking Shoes). Protect your toes while in active physical sports or in other daily work. 

These toe protectors are made of soft and durable medical-grade silicone which is latex free! These gel toe protectors stretch and slip on easily, and are reusable and adjustable too.


How They work

They absorb shock and prevent friction for toes already affected by lesions. The adjacent toe to the one with the sleeve on also benefits.


They protect blisters, calluses, sore corn, ingrown toenail, toe pain, missing nail from painful rubbing and infection. No need for complicated bandages.


 When Should You Use Toe Protectors?

Although proven useful to everyone, toe protectors are also extremely beneficial to:

  • People with sweaty feet
  • Persons taking treatment for lesions or have foot hygiene problems
  • Poorly fitted shoes causing friction

They are also highly recommended to sports players.

How Long Can You Wear Toe Protectors?

Although you can wash and re-use between uses of fabric protectors or re-use gel protectors, they can also be wiped using alcohol-based wipes.

Toe protector lining thins over time and, therefore, should be replaced with new ones. The rate at which your toe protectors wear out depends on the frequency of use. With optimum use, they can last for about a year.

For as long as you will be wearing the toe protector(s), make sure to observe your feet often for any changes.