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PodiMe Interdigital Wedge Twin Pack Small

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PodiMe Interdigital Wedges prevent excessive pressure and friction between the toes, alleviating discomfort and pain. PodiMe Interdigital Wedges Provide comfort to people who suffer from corns , callus & ingrown toe nails.

** P O D I A T R I S T   A P P R O V E D **


What are PodiMe Interdigital Wedges?

PodiMe Interdigital Wedges are able to provide separation without being too bulky or hard. They are great for the following issues:

  1. Deviated and rotated toes
  2. Toes that rub
  3. Reducing Irritation
  4. Osteoarthritic prominent joints
  5. Preventing and managing Corns in between toes

How do you use a PodiMe Interdigital Wedge?

They are best placed between the toes you want relieve pressure from. They can also be used to straighten and re-align overriding toes and relieve pressure from bunions.

How Long Can You Wear PodiMe Interdigital Wedges?

Although you can wash and re-use between uses, PodiMe Interdigital Wedges can also be wiped using alcohol-based wipes.

The rate at which your PodiMe Interdigital Wedges wear out depends on the frequency of use. With optimum use, they can last for about a year.

For as long as you will be wearing the PodiME Interdigital Wedges make sure to observe your feet often for any changes.

Are you suffering from a variety of conditions and need help choosing the right product to treat your symptoms?

Check out our useful treatment sheet which details all the common foot conditions and the best product to suit the symptoms.

PodiMe Treatment Sheet


I love to go walking but I was going less and less because of bad knees. My podiatrist recommended these and the relief was pretty much instant! I’m doing a 20k trail this weekend, can’t wait! Highly recommend


As a waitress I’m on the go for hours on end and by the end of my shift my feet are always killing me. Other insoles just didn’t help so I tried this one and it was so worth the money! Would 100% recommend


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