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Innersoles X-Small PodiMe Orthotics

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Our innersoles, previously only available to practicing podiatrists, provide firm arch support, extra cushioning and all day comfort. This reduces stress around the surrounding tissues, alleviating aches and pains and keeping you functioning better for longer!

It is of fundamental importance that, if you have foot, leg, back or neck discomfort you use podiatry designed foot care products.


Wear gradually to allow your feet to adapt to them.

On day one - wear the orthotics for 2 hours then remove. Replace with old inserts.

Increase in wearing duration by 1 hour each day until you can wear for a full day without any discomfort. This should take approximately 7 days.

How to choose the right innersole size? 

How long can you use innersoles for?

Many athletes, nurses, doctors, retail workers, servers, and other professionals use them. They may usually last for around 18-24 months, but you may need to replace them sooner if you enjoy running or you spend a lot of time on your feet. 

Should you wear innersoles all the time?

You can benefit largely if you use them regularly. Orthotics are much like glasses; while they are on you will have the benefit of the device and after you remove them, you will remove the control you experience from them. If your podiatrist prescribes orthotics, it's important to wear them as recommended.

PodiMe Innersoles should be worn gradually, however many people feel comfortable in them in a short amount of time.

How can I wear in my orthotics?

A reasonable example is as follows:

On day one: Wear the orthotics for 2 hours then remove. Replace with old inserts.

Increase in wearing duration by 1 hour each day until you can wear for a full day without any discomfort. This can take approximately 7 days.

Who needs an orthotic?

Below is a list of why may need a PodiMe Orthotic/innersole, however we recommend that orthotics should be worn at the  discretion of a Podiatrist:

1.Foot Rolling Outwards (Supination)

2.Intensive activities

3.Foot Rolling Inwards (Over-Pronation)

4.Burning and Numb Toes

5.Prolonged Standing

6.Painful Heel 

7.Painful Ball of Foot  

8.Inflamation of the Heel 

9.Swollen or Unproportionable Toes 

10.Diabetes & Arthritis
Can I wear PodiMe Orthotic/Innersole in multiple shoes?

The short answer is yes. Orthotics may need slight adjustments for a good fit in multiple shoes. The best way to ensure a good fit in all the shoes is to take PodiMe Orthotics to your Podiatrist appointment.

Do I place my PodiMe Orthotic/Innersole over the shoe insole?

The short answer is generally No. We recommend for a good fit to remove the shoe liner/insole and place the PodiMe Orthotic in its place.

Are you suffering from a variety of conditions and need help choosing the right product to treat your symptoms?

Check out our useful treatment sheet which details all the common foot conditions and the best product to suit the symptoms.

PodiMe Treatment Sheet


I love to go walking but I was going less and less because of bad knees. My podiatrist recommended these and the relief was pretty much instant! I’m doing a 20k trail this weekend, can’t wait! Highly recommend


As a waitress I’m on the go for hours on end and by the end of my shift my feet are always killing me. Other insoles just didn’t help so I tried this one and it was so worth the money! Would 100% recommend


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