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Podi Bunion shield twin pack size Small (5th toe)

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    • PodiMe Bunion shields are have been created with a soft durable gel that protects your bunion from repetitive friction taking place from footwear.

    • Cushioning the side of your Hallux (Big Toe) and preventing discomfort which comes from rubbing the side of the toe, making it great to absorb friction and also increased pressure.

    • Enjoy comfort of your bunion without surgery so you can continue with your active lifestyle

    • Made with high quality gel which is reusable and washable.

  • One size fits all 2 X PodiMe Bunion guards in each pack.

**P O D I A T R I S T  A P P R O V E D **


What is a Bunion Shield?

A PodiMe Bunion Shield is a gel shield placed on the bunion of the big toe (Hallux Bunion) or the small toe (5th toe).

What does a PodiMe Bunion Shield do?

The PodiMe Bunion Shield helps relieve pain and prevent discomfort on the side of your big toe or small toe. It is designed to prevent rubbing and irritation. Protects your bunion from repetitive friction taking place from footwear.

What is the PodiMe Bunion Shield made from?

The PodiMe Bunion Shield is made from silicone gel which is latex free and allergy friendly. The soft gel conforms to your foot for a great fit. It is washable and reusable for a great value.

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I love to go walking but I was going less and less because of bad knees. My podiatrist recommended these and the relief was pretty much instant! I’m doing a 20k trail this weekend, can’t wait! Highly recommend


As a waitress I’m on the go for hours on end and by the end of my shift my feet are always killing me. Other insoles just didn’t help so I tried this one and it was so worth the money! Would 100% recommend


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